More Hot Jamz at Speaker Circle

I lovez how the heat makes my muscles feel – all strong and supple. I put in 1:45 tonight and still felt fresh in the meat department! The knees is a little less pleased tho… At 45, with 28 years and counting and an estimated 15 million + contacts in my footbag career, I’m forging into rarely traveled territory in the sports medicine department. I wants to be able to still get jiggy with the hacky sack when I’m 50.

The Grizzly came out again this evening to compliment my footbag with his juggling. He freakin’ ROCKS with the Boxes! Summer Welcome is in full swing on campus, which means more of an unwitting audience for our antics! But by far the coolest part was the skateboarders stopping by and giving us props. Those guys can do some crazy stuff with their boards! Mutual respect for the art of motion – we haz it!
Overall, a good session. I had several 30+ contact rallies on tape, and had at least one other 2+ minute rally with some w00t! moves in there. I’m working on drifters, blenders, and still struggling with torques. Those things used to be so “bread and butter” 10 years ago. I’ve kinda given up on doing paradox whirls – I’m too afraid I’ll hurt myself!
PS – Stankowski Field is looking awesome! The crew putting in the new MondoTurf is ahead of schedule – I should be able to shred that stuff up in just a couple more weeks. I can hardly wait!
Thanks for tuning in!

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