June Blades

Meh… it was a ho-hum session tonight. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I’ve got the time range nailed. The first shadows hit the circle about 6:50pm, and the place is completely shaded by 7:30. I really like kicking at twilight; I think the soft, shadow-free, single-wavelength light improves my vision (which isn’t very good these days). If only it improved my balance, too!

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bad boy this week. I’ve drank something like 4 sodas this week, and Shakespeare’s Pizza had one of their $1.50 lunchtime slice days yesterday. The extra pounds from that are punishing, to say the least. And where did my right side paradox mirage go? I feel like I need to file a “missing blade” report!

Anyway, I’m back to posting my single best rally, which is plenty short this week. I was determined to put in another 1:45 tonight, but the time sure drags along when you’re struggling. I did get one small w00t! boost though: right at the end of my session, some huge group of people started streaming by the circle, giving my lame ass props, and provided the energy I needed to drive home a 2:05 session. That makes a total of 22:45 for the year – only 15 minutes behind. Unfortunately, I’ll be forced to miss next week’s session, so I’ll soon be more than a week behind again. Man, it’s tough to catch up!

Thanks for tuning in!

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