Hot steamy times at Speakers Circle

Ahhhhh….. True Missouri summer weather is finally here! 95 degrees and 110% humidity. What could possibly make a footbag session hotter?!?

Having the Grizzly come out and juggle, and having a group of kids stop by for some entertainment too!
Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to go 2 hours in the heat and humidity, I didn’t get started at the circle until almost 8pm. The heat does something good though – very little warm-up needed. My knees don’t hurt as bad when it’s hot, and my muscles have their hustle right out of the gate. I must remember that, in this weather, I usually hit my best rallies early on. I had already caught my best rally on tape, looked at my watch, and… less than 10 minutes into the session? I usually don’t even feel ready to turn on the camera for about 15 minutes.
The cool thing was, a little later, a group of kids showed up and hung out for a bit. They made me try to hack a quarter (4 contacts) and a dough ball from Shakespeare’s Pizza (8 contacts, 20 adds – w00t!). I always bring some extra footbags with me for just such an occasion. The kids did some kicking too, and one of the dads even hacked in for a bit. Then, the Grizzly dazzled them with cigar boxes and pins. An awesome session – life is Good!
PS – total for the year: 24:55

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