A visitor! Elliott from Nashville

OK, I’m way behind on my footbag blogging. This is the story from last week when Elliott from Nashville came through town. It’s great to have a visitor! Elliott was busting out pixie this and fairy that and some way cool ducking moves too. He inspired me to break out the blender and whirl a few drifters!
It was the first hot steamy day of the season, and we sweated our fool bags off for a solid hour long session. Great time! Thanks Elliott for hooking up!
I had 5 different good rallies from Elliott on tape. It was hard to pick the single best rally for someone else! I only had 2 decent rallies on tape, the choice was easy for me. Enough with the suspense, Here’s the video!
Tomorrow, I’ll post video from this week’s session – including a cameo juggling appearance from the Grizzly.

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