More Hot Jamz at Speaker Circle

I lovez how the heat makes my muscles feel – all strong and supple. I put in 1:45 tonight and still felt fresh in the meat department! The knees is a little less pleased tho… At 45, with 28 years and counting and an estimated 15 million + contacts in my footbag career, I’m forging into rarely traveled territory in the sports medicine department. I wants to be able to still get jiggy with the hacky sack when I’m 50.

The Grizzly came out again this evening to compliment my footbag with his juggling. He freakin’ ROCKS with the Boxes! Summer Welcome is in full swing on campus, which means more of an unwitting audience for our antics! But by far the coolest part was the skateboarders stopping by and giving us props. Those guys can do some crazy stuff with their boards! Mutual respect for the art of motion – we haz it!
Overall, a good session. I had several 30+ contact rallies on tape, and had at least one other 2+ minute rally with some w00t! moves in there. I’m working on drifters, blenders, and still struggling with torques. Those things used to be so “bread and butter” 10 years ago. I’ve kinda given up on doing paradox whirls – I’m too afraid I’ll hurt myself!
PS – Stankowski Field is looking awesome! The crew putting in the new MondoTurf is ahead of schedule – I should be able to shred that stuff up in just a couple more weeks. I can hardly wait!
Thanks for tuning in!

Hot steamy times at Speakers Circle

Ahhhhh….. True Missouri summer weather is finally here! 95 degrees and 110% humidity. What could possibly make a footbag session hotter?!?

Having the Grizzly come out and juggle, and having a group of kids stop by for some entertainment too!
Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to go 2 hours in the heat and humidity, I didn’t get started at the circle until almost 8pm. The heat does something good though – very little warm-up needed. My knees don’t hurt as bad when it’s hot, and my muscles have their hustle right out of the gate. I must remember that, in this weather, I usually hit my best rallies early on. I had already caught my best rally on tape, looked at my watch, and… less than 10 minutes into the session? I usually don’t even feel ready to turn on the camera for about 15 minutes.
The cool thing was, a little later, a group of kids showed up and hung out for a bit. They made me try to hack a quarter (4 contacts) and a dough ball from Shakespeare’s Pizza (8 contacts, 20 adds – w00t!). I always bring some extra footbags with me for just such an occasion. The kids did some kicking too, and one of the dads even hacked in for a bit. Then, the Grizzly dazzled them with cigar boxes and pins. An awesome session – life is Good!
PS – total for the year: 24:55

A visitor! Elliott from Nashville

OK, I’m way behind on my footbag blogging. This is the story from last week when Elliott from Nashville came through town. It’s great to have a visitor! Elliott was busting out pixie this and fairy that and some way cool ducking moves too. He inspired me to break out the blender and whirl a few drifters!
It was the first hot steamy day of the season, and we sweated our fool bags off for a solid hour long session. Great time! Thanks Elliott for hooking up!
I had 5 different good rallies from Elliott on tape. It was hard to pick the single best rally for someone else! I only had 2 decent rallies on tape, the choice was easy for me. Enough with the suspense, Here’s the video!
Tomorrow, I’ll post video from this week’s session – including a cameo juggling appearance from the Grizzly.

June Blades

Meh… it was a ho-hum session tonight. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I’ve got the time range nailed. The first shadows hit the circle about 6:50pm, and the place is completely shaded by 7:30. I really like kicking at twilight; I think the soft, shadow-free, single-wavelength light improves my vision (which isn’t very good these days). If only it improved my balance, too!

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bad boy this week. I’ve drank something like 4 sodas this week, and Shakespeare’s Pizza had one of their $1.50 lunchtime slice days yesterday. The extra pounds from that are punishing, to say the least. And where did my right side paradox mirage go? I feel like I need to file a “missing blade” report!

Anyway, I’m back to posting my single best rally, which is plenty short this week. I was determined to put in another 1:45 tonight, but the time sure drags along when you’re struggling. I did get one small w00t! boost though: right at the end of my session, some huge group of people started streaming by the circle, giving my lame ass props, and provided the energy I needed to drive home a 2:05 session. That makes a total of 22:45 for the year – only 15 minutes behind. Unfortunately, I’ll be forced to miss next week’s session, so I’ll soon be more than a week behind again. Man, it’s tough to catch up!

Thanks for tuning in!