Stankowski Field Jamz

Holy smokes, I put in 2:10 today with a little help from friends! And I am SO in love with Astroturf for kicking. The good news is that the fields should be empty after this week. The UM semester is almost over!

The Grizzly showed up today – the first time since last fall – and threw down a few serious rallies. Sad to say, that footage is lost to the glitch in my camera. We also had a 30+ contact shared rally that I have on tape, but can’t get processed and exported without errors. Bummer.
The good new is, it was nice and warm, the sun was blazing most of the time, and… D’oh! I’m sure I have a sunburn. Sunscreen! But, I’ll endure the the pain for the fun I had tonight. Audio systems were behaving, Grizzly was stoking the fire, we was getting props from passers by, and an extra guy even showed up and kicked for a bit!
And yeah, this rally is full of cheesy toe delays, but at least the video worked, and it’s a 90+ contact rally with a little fun stuff thrown in to boot! Fatboy Slim rules the rally roost again!
16:25 – Thanks for tuning in!

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