Son of Speakers Circle

The decision is made: Summer footbag sessions will be held at Speakers Circle every Thursday from first shade to dark (or collapse, whichever comes first). First shade to Dark is currently about 7-9pm. Follow #footbag on Twitter for reminders and other shcedule announcements!

Speakers Circle is my first true love of Columbia footbag scenes. It’s an awesome, high-visibility spot; a public stage with the perfect size, visuals, and amenities for freestyling. I fondly remember going there sometimes in afternoons long before I started working on campus. This, of course, before Jed and other prostelitizers took over the place during the day. Or in the evenings, like I’m planning now; the last hour or two before dark when it’s cooler. A vibrant shredding scene developed at Speakers Circle in the early 90’s, with 4-5 regulars meeting every week.
And Speakers Circle is where I will settle for the summer. Or at least until Stankowski Field is renovated with the new Mondo Turf. Even when school is out, there are always still a few unwitting spectators coming by the circle. Tonight, a group of 4 foreign men stopped by, one wanting to take my picture. The next, clutching a camera too, wordlessly “hacked in” and… was amazingly good! The whole group eventually took a few kicks before moving on. They were all were obviously accomplished soccer players, at least, and I’m certain the one who was so good had kicked a footbag before. We shared few words, but the experience spoke volumes!
Son of Speakers Circle rises to the occasion and regains it’s title as standard shred session location. And since I’ve already broken my “single best rally” posting rule (and I feel obliged to make up for last week’s horrible video) I’m indulging in my TWO best rallies on tape tonight. Both featuring… strings of tiltless moves and a sealed torque! Oh, and a different camera angle too. Camera is pointing west down Conley Avenue tonight.
Thanks for tuning in!

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