Beautiful weather, Ugly footbag

Ah, what beautiful weather! Except… I’ll claim that the wind was blowing just a little too hard (or something). I just never found the groove today. The Grizzly showed again, but we couldn’t come up with a gallon of gas between us. It was a struggle.

But still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not every session can be the best. At some points, about all I could manage and keep the bag off the ground was Blough-style consecutive kicks. Ridicule me all you want for that; at my age, I’ll take what I can get. And there’s still a smug sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m one of the very, very few human beings on earth that can keep a footbag off the ground for that long at all. And, I can do pendulums, too! Its always funny how that move impresses the audience more than just about anything.
Another important thing: I put in another 1:45 today. Even if the body was out of tune, I was still playing it. What’s that old cliche again? Oh yeah – use it or lose it. I’m still dangerously behind on my goal for the year (at 18:10 now, should be at 20; almost 2 weeks behind) but today got me closer, not farther behind. And I did seal 3 torques today.
In other good news, turning off  my SnapzPro and iClip ultilities seems to have improved video ingest from my camera tremendously. I also upgraded to iLife 09 (yeah, I’m a prissy Mac lover, sorry) but the new ‘image stabilization’ feature actually makes the background jump up and down when I’m playing footbag. It expects me to be standing still – feature FAIL for a footbag session! Gotta turn that off. Oh well, all the video came in just fine, and I finally selected one of my last rallies, showing my frustration with the quality of the session, to share.
Thanks for tuning in!
PS – I just realized I never “published” last week’s blog post. So, sorry for the double-whammy on the blog posts, but last week’s post was ecstatic compared to this, and it deserves to become public electrons on them intarwebz.

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