Another stinging slap in my footbag face

The evil witch’s curse is still upon me. I’ve just lost another place to play footbag. When I got to Stankowski field, it was largely gone. Torn to shreds. Goodbye astroturf. What must I do to break the evil witch’s curse? Simple: stop playing footbag. My 3 word response: FUCK… YOU… BITCH!

At this time of year, under clear skies, Speaker’s Circle is a blaze of light right up until sunset; not ideal unless you want to spend your session being blinded by the sun. Afraid of wasting half my precious evening looking for a place to kick like the Courthouse Jamz night, I went to nearby Lowry Mall. I used to kick there all the time where trees shade an open area. It’s paved in bricks. Uneven surface. Slicker than concrete or asphalt. And the trees weren’t providing all that much shade. And now for 2 more choice words: IT SUCKS. I should have gone somewhere else. I did eventually move to a different building-shaded spot on the mall, but what good that did I’m not sure.
So I was mostly moping around my kicking area, being pissed about everything. About the time I finally worked up the tiniest little groove and was ready to turn on the camera, my piece of shit, crappy battery, broken screen iPod died. Such a nice touch to such a nice evening of footbag! With all the radio stations playing nothing but commercials or shitty kicking music, and only 4 minutes of tape left in the camera, I’ve got a very different video than the usual “single best rally” video. This is what I’ve been reduced to.
It’s hard to believe I actually spent over an hour out there, but it feels like I maybe got 30 minutes of actual kicking the footbag. The rest was bullshit. So, I’ll split the difference and call it 45 minutes. Falling farther behind again (18:55/21:00) with the prospect of having to search for a new place to kick this summer.
Oh well. I get to try again next week, I hope. In the meantime, please spend a moment thinking of, or sending energy for, breaking the witch’s curse.

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