Hacking Back In

w00t! Great footbag session tonight, after missing the last 2 weeks to other obligations. Such joy to feel the knee pains melt away as I work up a hustle; groove to the tunes; lose myself in the fun for 70 glorious minutes. I needed that! No spectacular rallies tonight, but I just can’t care. I still love to do my footbag dance thing! (Session/Total 1:10/13:40)

I didn’t shoot much video, and half of what I did was all glitchy. (Need… new… equipment…) So, here’s the cheesy highest contact rally from tonight’s session that would export to YouTube.

Surprise Happy Footbag Session

w00t! A great kicking session tonight! I’ve been all grumpy and stuff, but that all melted away once the tunes went up. I hit a deep groove with the music, doing crazy dance hacking, gettin’ all funky and shizzle. Then I turned up the heat, putting the smack-down on a couple high-add, super-funky rallies. More paradox mirages than I’ve done in a single rally in ages!

I sure wish I could post video from my Secret Hideout, but… oh well. I even brought my laptop this time and found wireless. The temptation to live stream was intense. Maybe someday.

Chalk up another hour and a half of high-energy solo kicking. And this was on concrete covered tile when I’m sporting a few new pounds of love handle. At my age, yes, I’m fried, and in pain now. It hurts so good!
Thanks for tuning in!