Spring Fever Footbag!

Yay! My first outdoor session of the season! Great weather: warm, a little bit windy, but Stankowski Field has great shelter on the SE side. Of course something needs to go wrong, and this time I forgot my tripod for the camera. But… not to worry. I had just gotten started when a gentleman named Marlin came up to give me props. I talked to him a bit and showed him my footbags, and he was gracious enough to do a few minutes of filming. Thanks Marlin!

The on-tape rally may not be much, but I had a great time, had some good rallies, and put in an hour and a half. Best part is, I finished still feeling strong!
Also, I did play an hour of footbag 2 weeks ago, just couldn’t say anything nice about the session. YTD footbag time: 7:10 hrs – 1:50 behind my goal. Good weather and outdoor venues make it so much easier to put in longer sessions. I’ll go for more of that!

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