h4x0r c1rcl3!

w00t! I kicked at one of my favorite old haunts today – Speaker Circle on the MU Campus. I used to kick here all the time, and it’s still a great place to go when Stankowski’s astroturf has been taken over by flag football leagues. I’ve even brought sidewalk chalk and wrote “Hacky Circle” real big around the circle in years past.

Got lots of props from passers by this evening. It was the most enjoyable session I’ve had so far this year, and I’ve got to give props to Fatboy Slim – great tunes to kick to! I was going to post a meatier, more technical rally, but my camera sucks and that clip was fried. Instead, you get the fluffier, more stylish rally.
1:50/11:00 – Enjoy!

w00t! A kicking partner!

After a couple missed opportunities, my friend Mike finally caught up with me at the Secret Hideout last night. IT WAS GOOD!

We wasted no time banking off each other’s energy. Mike says he hasn’t been kicking much, but… he was sure busting out the moves last night. That inspired me to pump up the jamz too. Sharing bag time with someone helps focus more energy into each rally. Lots of solid (if usually shorter) tiltless runs. Add another fun-filled hour to the footbag timer, please!
Who knows where we’ll be kicking next week. Missouri, March… it could be 70, it could be an ice storm. We’ll find out.

Spring Fever Footbag!

Yay! My first outdoor session of the season! Great weather: warm, a little bit windy, but Stankowski Field has great shelter on the SE side. Of course something needs to go wrong, and this time I forgot my tripod for the camera. But… not to worry. I had just gotten started when a gentleman named Marlin came up to give me props. I talked to him a bit and showed him my footbags, and he was gracious enough to do a few minutes of filming. Thanks Marlin!

The on-tape rally may not be much, but I had a great time, had some good rallies, and put in an hour and a half. Best part is, I finished still feeling strong!
Also, I did play an hour of footbag 2 weeks ago, just couldn’t say anything nice about the session. YTD footbag time: 7:10 hrs – 1:50 behind my goal. Good weather and outdoor venues make it so much easier to put in longer sessions. I’ll go for more of that!