Keeping the feet to the bagstone!

Session Accomplished! I really wish I could post video from my secret hideout. There’s no good video from tonight’s session, but still… another hour of footbag has been logged for a total of 3:40 so far. My goal is 50 hours this year.

I hit pairs of moves (at least one on each side): torques, drifters, blenders, paradox whirls. Each pair was in the same rally, but no two pairs were in the same rally. And that’s the flavor of tonight’s session: it was the high spot of this week’s overall attitude, yet, rather lame. I was screwing around with some really crazy arm and body movements, but I never really found the ‘groove’. I hit some good moves, but couldn’t really keep the bag off the ground. You get the picture (or not).
Thanks for tuning in, and I hope to blog some grooving bag stats next week!

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