Keeping the feet to the bagstone!

Session Accomplished! I really wish I could post video from my secret hideout. There’s no good video from tonight’s session, but still… another hour of footbag has been logged for a total of 3:40 so far. My goal is 50 hours this year.

I hit pairs of moves (at least one on each side): torques, drifters, blenders, paradox whirls. Each pair was in the same rally, but no two pairs were in the same rally. And that’s the flavor of tonight’s session: it was the high spot of this week’s overall attitude, yet, rather lame. I was screwing around with some really crazy arm and body movements, but I never really found the ‘groove’. I hit some good moves, but couldn’t really keep the bag off the ground. You get the picture (or not).
Thanks for tuning in, and I hope to blog some grooving bag stats next week!

Inaugural Hacky Sack

It was another “bad music” night. My iPod died. But I found a spot in my secret underground hideout where my radio could get several stations. I even ended up getting a bit of a thrill from channel surfing for decent music while kicking. The 102.3 BXR DJ was doing it right last night.

It turned out to be a good footbag session. I could feel my knee injury that kept me from kicking last week, but it never got to the point of bothering me. For most part, I was taking it easy, focusing on full-body awareness. Keeping my hands relaxed while kicking is hard! I wish I could work with a dance instructor to improve my body and arm movements.
I have to admit my secret hideout is actually a very nice facility. It has everything, including access to bathrooms (important for those of us in middle age!), high ceilings, good lighting, and a chest-height shelf to put my water jug on. It’s the perfect size for solo shredding. Being underground, it’s a bit hot and humid, but I’ll take that in the middle of the winter, thank you. If only there weren’t the remote possibility of getting in trouble for being there…
I wish I could share video: Most of what I got on tape was junk, but I did get one totally gonzo rally! Again, I’m not doing tripless, or even tiltless or completely guiltless, but I’m keeping the bag off the ground, staying in rhythm to the music, and racking up adds. It feels so good! In fact, about 1:10 into the session, rather than quitting, I got a second wind and really tore things up for a bit. I even hit blenders, drifters, and torques – plural! I put in a really solid hour and a half. Total 2:40 for the year so far.
I dedicate this session to America’s new president. Good luck and good skill, Mr. Obama, we’re hoping for the best!

Hacking in the new year

w00t! A great h4x0r s3ss10n last night! Iz still looking for place to kick, but took shelter in the secret hideout. Sorry, no video to share, but I did catch 3 sweet 1st-roll rallies. Nothing technically dense, but I was in the groove and keeping the bag off the ground. h4x354x0r wishes everyone a Happy New Year!