sl3d rUn – It’s Ready To Go!

Yee-haw! Thanks to a very generous donation from an anonymous patron, the main curve of the sled run is all finished and ready to go! The carpet has been applied, and now all I need is some snow. Of course getting this ready just a day before there’s an inch or two of snow in the forecast will almost guarantee we won’t get any, right?

I also got the second curve finished. It took a lot of digging and dirt work to tweak it up, but I just can’t resist a good superfluous backbreaking project. There is still work to do though; I want to build about a 3-foot high platform at the top to give the run just a little more zing. I also need to rake up all the leaves and other debris from the yard so I can harvest good clean snow to pack into the run.
Snow, sleet and freezing rain in the forecast 4 of the next 5 days. Here’s hoping!

Sled run construction session 5: getting closer!

Still not a whole lot of spare time to work on this, but I managed to get the ply boards screwed down to the support structure this afternoon. Unfortunately, one of the ply boards was a bit crumbly (the last piece before the old door), and they ended up not being as pliable when screwing them down as I expected based on earlier tests. Also, roll tests with a ball indicate the run ‘groove’ may still get dangerously high on the curve near the end.

I still have a bit more dirt work to do – and that’s hard when the dirt is frozen! Plus there’s still a starting ramp to be built, and a 2nd smaller curve that I haven’t shown in any photos yet. We could get a couple inches of snow tomorrow night; a perfect opportunity to do some real tests and make adjustments!
One other small bit of good news, on my way back from the hardware store for more screws, I happened to spot and snag some carpet being thrown out. Still need more, but hey, it’s way better than nothing!

Sled run: construction session 4

Several things have conspired to keep me from working on my sled run the last 2 weekends: My son broke a window in the house last weekend, took me half a day to replace it. I did manage to get in just a little bit of work on it though. This weekend, he turned up sick (puking sick) and I’ve been stuck inside most of the time caring for him while the Wife has had to work. And… there’s ice and snow in the forecast for next weekend! This might be my last chance to get this thing done before the snow.

I did manage to get in a couple hours on it this afternoon. In haste, I’ve gotten sloppy, slapping together and screwing down wood as fast as I can. I just hope I’ve been liberal enough with the wood to make up for any structural deficiencies. I’ve finished the understructure “ribs” of the first main curve now. I don’t like working in the freezing cold, but I’m hoping to get out there tomorrow morning and screw the plyboard down to the understructure.
Now, does anyone know where I might be able to find a good chunk of carpet remnants near Columbia, Missouri, US? I don’t have enough to cover the new run. Any carpet will do. Shoot me an email at if you can help.

h4x354x0r sUx0rd big time tonight

I had one simple goal for tonight’s footbag session: catch a rally with a torque in the middle. I hit at least 6 torques, but… couldn’t maintain control coming out of them. I’m not even going to bother reviewing the video for a decent run to post; there wasn’t one. I don’t think I ever broke 30 adds in a rally, and most of my rallies were probably under 10 adds. Tonight’s footbag session was an hour and ten minutes of absolute crap – the worst kicking I’ve done in almost a year. Insert major sad face here.  

Frustration with work, headache, constipation, aches and pains, especially in the knees… Let me tell all you young whirl-snappers: Getting old sucks. I don’t like kicking indoors, and I especially don’t like having to kick in my “emergency” kicking location. It’s depressing to know that cramped, skanky place is all I’m gonna have for the entire winter.

I just couldn’t get in rhythm to the music tonight, and that footbag dance rhythm is all that really matters to me any more. My iPod even flaked out on me a couple times just for good measure. I tried the radio but the location is several stories underground. No decent reception there.
Oh well, enough complaining. Hopefully I’ll do a little better next week; I certainly can’t get much worse and still call it footbag.