4 f00tb4g s3ss10n – Hurray!

Due to the US holiday season, the cookies and candy were everywhere today. I indulged to excess. Note to self: don’t do that on my precious footbag day. Bad hackysacker. Bad!

Knowing the price of missing a second weekly session in a row, I forced myself to access my “secret” underground location, and ended up putting in 1:10 of solo footbag. Still a sub-par session, but… off the lows of my last session 2 weeks ago. I did a couple rallies of just basic kicks for the first 15 minutes, until I felt like I was in synch with the music. I worked on my torques some more too; I’ve just got to really force the speed of the spin these days. I also hit a sweet double-blender combo.
At least I got a rally on tape I’m not too ashamed to post. I included a lead-in of one of my signature moves: knee bump butterflies. The rally itself ends in an 18 contact guiltless run. Just butterflies, paradox mirages, osises, and whirls, but… an old man has to crow about something, eh?

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