br4v3z t3h c0ld!

Drats – I still have no legitimate indoor place to kick! I was planning on accessing super-secret emergency kicking location, but… ACCESS DENIED! And Stankowski field was not available due to flag football leagues. But h3x354x0r iz determined, so I tried a years-old haunt, the Village Park on the corner of 9th and Ash in Columbia MO. One small rally is the best I can do this week but it’s better than not kicking at all!

Achieved my bicycling distance goal for this year!

Every year I make a new year’s resolution to ride a certain distance on my bicycle during that year. I’m a “business class” bicyclist, commuting to work and back on my bike. This year, the goal was 2,000km. I just rolled past that today! If weather holds, and I push it, I might be able to rack up 2,500km – the most I’ve done since I changed jobs and cut my commute by 60% 4 years ago.