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Being Thanksgiving Eve and all, the boss gave me a hall pass for the afternoon. w00t! So, I busted on down to Stankowski Field for a kicking session. It was chilly – 12 deg. C / 55 deg. F – but the sun was shining, the wind was calm. The footbag was… um… not all that cooperative, but I still give thanks that I can, and do, still kick. I tried to have a little fun with the video today, so there’s a little bit extra with the usual best rally on tape. As a bonus, I got a chance meeting with our famous, totally cool, hometown NASCAR racer Carl Edwards! Enjoy!

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I’ve got just enough hill in my backyard for a bit of sledding fun. In previous years, we just shot into the neighbor’s yard. Then, he put up a privacy fence – right at the bottom of the hill. Not to worry, I just built a bank turn for the sled run with an old door and a few other pieces of wood and carpet.

This year, I pulled a bunch of plyboard out of a room in our house (Hey, honey, this will be your new office when I’m done!). Now I’m using the wood to build a new, improved sled run! I’m just getting started with a little bit of dirt work and figuring out how to build a support structure.
Stay tuned while the run comes to form, and let’s hope for a good enough snowfall to use it!