Installing T-Pole Clothesline

Equipment & Supplies

  • Leigh #HD283G T-Pole Clothesline kit from Ace Hardware (thx for the b-day reward card!)
  • 2 60# bags of Cheap Quickcrete 
  • Old landscaping spikes I had around the house (any stiff metal rods would do)
  • 16 gallon plastic mixing tub
  • Cordless drill, rubber mallet, hacksaw, screwdrivers, and other misc. hand tools
  • Oddball piece of PVC Pipe that just fits inside sleeves
  • Strong back, weak mind

  • Get the directions out of the clothesline kit box. READ THEM. Verify kit inventory.
  • Survey installation site, measure (~20ft pole-to-pole), start digging. Nice big deep holes.
  • Drive PVC pipe into bottom of hole as standoff to set pole height
  • Plumb poles and stabilize sleeve with spikes or rods near top
  • Mix & pour concrete, I got all fancy with domes at the top!
  • Remove excess dirt.
  • Put poles up next day, run line. Mission Complete!
The whole project cost about $75 including the mixing tub. My previous 10.5-gallon tub finally bit the dust, so I upgraded to the 16 gallon. Here’s for a little investment in conservation!