2017 Review, 2018 Goals

Another year, Gone! As usual, I reconcile my goals for the year against final outcomes, and set new goals. This year? No different.

2017 Goals

1. Ride my bicycle at least 8,888 Km

Outcome: 10,727 Kilometers HECK YEAH! I crushed my original goal on 11/7, moved the goalposts out to an even 10,000 Km, crushed that goal on 12/7, moved the goalposts again to any 10,x01 number, rolled past 10,701 this morning, landed on 10,727 Km final for the year. Note, that’s 6,666 Miles.

2. Play at least 150 hours of Footbag (Hacky Sack)

Outcome: 141 hours. It’s amazing I even got that close. I was only at 56 hours at mid-year, but… crushed it in the fall to nearly catch up. I was doing 2-3 hour sessions on Thursdays or Fridays, then another 2-3 hour session for Mizzou Game Day Saturdays.

3. Improve Diet

Outcome: Um… not so much. I did stop drinking coffee, which is definitely a good thing, but otherwise haven’t changed my diet all that much.

4. Kindness

Outcome: I probably bombed at this. I’ve generally been less hostile and angry at real people I deal with, but I’ve been a flaming asshole to people on the internet, especially Twitter.

5. Be part of #TheResistance

Outcome: Difficult to Gage. I amplify Resistance tweets on Twitter, with some 20,000+ tweets & retweets this year. I’ve called my Members of Congress dozens of times. I’ve written my MoC’s. I’ve tweeted at my MoC’s. I’ve donated to progressive & democratic candidates. I’ve marched in the streets. I don’t know that I’ve done much, or been particularly effective, but I’ve sure done more than nothing.

6. Install a solar PVC system at my house

Outcome: Project Complete! It took me almost 7 full months from inception to completion, but I did it! I now have a 7.8 Kw solar PVC system operating at my house. It roughly covers all our household electric usage. It’s one more important accomplishment to reduce fossil fuel and nuclear energy use.

2018 Goals

1. 8,000 Km on the bike. I’ll probably ride a bit more than that, but after my stellar 10,000 Km+ year this year, I’m actually planning to ease up on the riding just a bit. Still gonna ride every day that I can, but probably focus more on purpose-driven riding, less on riding to fill quota.

2. 150 Hours of Footbag. I fell just a bit short this year, mostly due to investing so much time and effort getting my solar system built and running in the first half of the year. This year, I won’t have that project, and should be able to kick a bit more in the first half of the year, plus do as much kicking next fall during Mizzou Football season as I did last year.

3. Continue resisting the trump cabal. At this point, a year later, there’s so much damning evidence of conspiracy to commit espionage with an enemy of the state, obstruction of justice, and lying to government officials to cover up same conspiracy, that it’s quite frankly insane trump is still in office. I’m stunned at the complicity of the entire GOP party; it turns out they’re all in on it, the entire Republican party has been taking laundered Russian mob money, and are being blackmailed by Kompromat held by Russia. This insanity has got to stop! I vow to contact my MoC’s even more, donate even more, and take to the streets if things get worse. I will die fighting, before I let what democracy we’ve had in America die. America is founded on the Rule of Law.

4. Get a new job. I’ve been working on this one for a long time, but face age discrimination and skillset mismatch. I’m planning to get ITIL certification this year, and work towards becoming a ServiceNow or similar ITSM system developer. Or just about any database or networking job. Just not AV anymore. I’m tired of AV, tired of my current work situation. I need a change, I need something new. I’m gonna go find it, and slay it.

5. Do another 100+ mile day on my bicycle. Last year for the annual BikeMO ride, I literally cycled from my house to the start of the ride in Rocheport, rode the 65 mile route, and then rode back home. A total of 103 miles for the day! I’d like to keep riding at least one Century ride a year, plan to do the same thing for BikeMO this year.

6. Oh, and maybe post a little more often here on my blog. It’s been almost a year since last post. Once a month at least, maybe?

That’s about it. An accounting of last year’s goals, and setting of new goals for this year. When all is said and done, I’m very pleased with 2017, except for the phenomenon of trump. Here’s to hoping 2018 will take care of that stain on our country, too!

Good luck, good skill, good Resistance, and Best Wishes for a great 2018!


Voter-ID Trucks:                          A modest proposal

Face it: Voter suppression, mainly in the form of onerous “VoterID” laws, has been very effective at disenfranchising poor and minority voters. Also: These voter suppression tactics, especially the VoterID laws, are going to get a lot worse. My own state, Missouri, shamefully passed one of these in the 2016 election cycle.

We’ve got to fight back. How?

High-Tech VoterID Trucks!

The concept here is a fleet of high-tech, mobile ID “Compliance” vehicles designed to help people get that valid VoterID card.

The VoterID Truck initiative would develop nationwide expertise in complying with all local, state, and federal VoterID laws. The entire VoterID Truck network would procure and establish records access relationships at the state level to help people obtain birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any other documentation necessary to qualify for the VoterID. And, of course, partner with states to become licensed issuers of those VoterID cards.

These high-tech “VoterID Trucks” can move around neighborhoods, regions, and states to help all citizens fully comply with VoterID laws, and help them feel vested in the process.

VoterID laws are going to get a lot worse. But I think VoterID Trucks can not only help voters comply with ID laws, but in effect turn the “VoterID” concept into a positive and engaging, ongoing voter registration and voter engagement drive.

Please consider this proposal to create a VoterID Truck initiative / project / program. If anyone else is willing to work on it, I am too.

VoterID Trucks. Drive right over voter suppression!

(Footnote: as of the posting of this proposal, the URL’s “voteridtruck.com” [singlular] and “voteridtrucks.com” [plural] were both still available, in case someone thinks enough of the idea to snag the URL)


Open Letter to Electoral College Members

Dear Electoral College Members;

I am writing to urge you not to cast your Electoral College vote for Donald Trump.

I’m sure you are getting a LOT of correspondence, and hold little hope that this one letter might tip the balance of your decision. But I feel compelled to write, if there’s even the slimmest hope that this letter, along with the weight of others, will.

This is not about the popular vote. This is not about Trump’s provocation of China, or other foreign policy gaffes. This isn’t even even about Russian interference in our election, no matter how concerning that is.

This is about responsible governance, and basic, common human decency.

Virtually every cabinet choice he has appointed so far, is rabidly against the very agency they have been chosen to head. This is not responsible governance; this is vindictive destruction of governance.

Please step back and look at the totality of what Donald Trump has done before, and since, the election. Mocking disabled reporters, telling numerous outright lies, employing the language of hatred and bigotry, constantly attacking, threatening, bullying, and denigrating almost anyone and anything who criticize him in any manner, including American citizens. He may have even threatened you.

I ask you to search your heart and ask: “Is this really the level of common human decency befitting of the President of the United States?”

I urge you to join me in concluding the answer is, “No.”

Please do not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Derrick Fogle
Your Fellow American

My “Thank you” letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Please find enclosed a unique “Reflective” I made of your first campaign’s graphic. My reflectives are designed to be an iconic upgrade to the typical ‘cateye’ driveway marker; something that might reflect something about you. They look good during the day, they look great in headlights at night!img_4484

I made this reflective, and staked it out by my driveway, to support you during your first election campaign. I found it again while I was preparing to put some winter holiday themed reflectives out for the season, and felt compelled to send it to you. I’m sure you get sent more trinkets and things than you can possibly deal with; it’s not important what happens to the thing.

What’s important, is what what your Presidency has meant to me. I want to list all the incredible ways you’ve provided leadership, hope, class, and dignity. I want to rehash all the wonderful things you’ve done, all the lives you’ve touched. I want to catalog all your acts of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I also want to list the million-plus ways Michelle is so awesome, but… that’s way too much for one letter!

I am so thankful that I got to enjoy 8 years of your Presidency. You have been one of the greatest, strongest leaders, and one of the most inspiring people, I have ever known of. When I found that reflective, after nearly 8 years, I almost started crying. Hands down, you have been my Best. President. EVAR!!!!11!

I believe the example you have set has made me a better person. Thank you for everything you have done, for me, and for all Americans.

Yours Truly,

Derrick Fogle